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We hope to have an array of foods from many organizations representing diverse cultures and ethnicities.   Information for your contribution must be submitted by May 31, and include type of food, manner of preparation or name of store at which it will be purchased, and number of pieces.


  • Food can either be prepared or purchased and must be served at room temperature.

  • All prepared food must be prepared in a Board of Health certified kitchen

  • (PCM kitchen available).

  • For prepared food you must list all the ingredients being used.

  •  All purchased food must be purchased at a main store such as ShopRite, Costco, Kings, etc. and you must submit the receipt after purchase.

  • You must supply no less than 100 pieces (for approximately 100 individual servings) on paper plates or napkins.

  • Food servers agree to serve from 12PM - 4PM or whenever they run out of food.

  • Table setup on the lawn in front of PCM (57 East Park Place) begins at 8AM.

  • Clean-up ends by 5PM.

  • All items offered to the public must be given free of charge.

  • No food or drink other than water can be consumed or distributed on the Green.

  • All participants of Diversity Day will be respectful of other participants, and be courteous and welcoming to all visitors at the event.

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